I’m Ljubica popovic


Certified Guided Open Self Development Program Facilitator


 Quantum Human Design Level 2 Specialist


Quantum Alignment System Level 1 Specialist


Guiding You Live The Fullest Expression Of Your Most Authentic Self

Discover The Truth Of Who You Really Are And The The Unique Purpose You Came Here To Live

Feel Heard, Seen And Understood; Allow Yourself To Express The Essence Of Your Soul

Your Life Story Matters, You Deserve To Speak Your Story

Heal Your Past; Rewrite Your Life Narrative

What Is Guided Open?

The Guided Open process creates a space that allows one to truly open their heart in a safe and supported way to see where their fears and beliefs are holding them back from living their most beautiful life.

Who Is It For?

For the courageous souls who have journeyed through life in pain, who’s tried many tools and has yet found the inner peace and freedom to feel fully free to embody the truth of who they were born to be. 

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About Me

I see myself playing a huge role in the world at this pivotal moment in time in human history.

My work is about personal development and spirituality.

The work I do is far from easy, yet, the satisfaction and fulfilment are the most appreciated reward.

I love my spiritual approach, however, I am not limited to that only.

My work is my greatest passion. I feel blessed that I can offer my gift, knowledge and wisdom to the courageous souls who recognize the need for deep inner work and personal growth.

As a certified Guided Open Facilitator, I work with people online in small group programs, as well as offering one on one session and guidance.

I love Cacao ceremonies and as a certified practitioner, I offer this as a part of the program as well as outside the program (live and virtual)

My interest in Human Design and the knowledge I continuously acquire, helps me greatly serve each of my clients individually.

The essence of my work is to provide a safe, confidential, intimate, non-judgmental space, where you can reach deep within, recognize past narratives and traumas to be exposed, expressed and healed.

My intuitive and natural ability is to have a deep heart to heart connections and to see every human for who they truly are. This creates a loving energy in this sacred space where you simply allow yourself to fully open and be your true self.

I guide these beautiful souls, support them on every step of their self-discovery and hold them in unconditional love.

I provide tools to assist them during the program and to take with them, enabling them to continue their enriched life journey.

I feel joy watching them re-write their life narrative and knowing that I am a part of their continuing evolution.



“Ljubica holds an incredible creative and sensitive space. Within her Container, I’ve experienced her empathetic wisdom, that at times, have called me into deep reflection.

And as a result, I’ve found a place where I could release what does not serve me and replace it with healing and empowerment.

If you are serious in wanting to live an unapologetic life, expressing the authentic you, I highly recommend Ljubica.”


– Helen, Sydney Australia

We all need someone outside our family to confide in, be a sounding board or simply share a story with.

Ljubica is that person for me , always deeply listening to words and feelings, never judging or advising purely and simply holding me in a sacred space.

 Having had the honour to know and work with Ljubica for the past few years, I’ve freely put my trust in her as an authentic, loving and caring person, whose heart is always focused on the highest interest of all those she serves.

My very being is truly nourished attending her weekly ‘Open Your Heart And Be Heard’ sessions, my non negotiation self-care sessions.

Ljubica guides with genuine and highly tuned intuition, with a knack for sensing what you need even if you don’t.

I have found what she shares to be profound and accurate and delivered with honesty and compassion.

With gentle confidence and and ever-expanding knowledge of Human Design, Ljubica truly embodies the life she is guiding you to, urging you on to find your own answers deep within.

I always look forward to working with Ljubica, eager to listen to and be guided by her wisdom and am never disappointed. Thank you Ljubica


  • Lynn Mason

Life Guide

“I thought that more “tools” would be the solution. Believe me, they work but don’t quite provide the deep routed transformations that Guided Open provides. Because Guided Open is about the emotional body.” – MATT L.

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