Spiritual and Wellness Coach

Are you feeling stuck in a loop of repetitive patterns that are causing you mental and emotional pain?

Are you finding it difficult to get out of suffering and find direction in your life?

Are you feeling disconnected from your life purpose? 

Hi, I’m Ljubica

I am an accredited Quantum Human Design Specialist™, Quantum Alignment System Practitioner™, a highly trained space holding facilitator and a Cacao Ceremony Practitioner.

I am here to help you break your old patterns and guide you towards the life you desire.

I am here to assist you in redefining your past narrative and creating  a new empowering story of who you truly are.

I am here to teach you about your unique design and the purpose you have come here to share with the world.

Understand Who You Truly Are Through One on One Human Design Reading Session

Discover Your Potential And Power Through One on One Coaching Session

Welcome to the Community!!! Get Informed, Guided, Heard, Seen and Spiritually Nourished

I Invite You On a Personal Journey via Human Design

Through our Quantum Human Design™ reading experience, I will take you on a personal journey of self-discovery via the uniquely designed map of your life.

Before we begin, I ask that you take a deep dive within and ask yourself:

– How are you feeling about your life right now?

– Are there any areas of your life that you would like to improve?

– What has brought you here?

– Are you experiencing any mental stress and overwhelm or physical pain?

– Do you feel stuck in a loop of repetitive patterns and finding it difficult to break free?

– Do you feel like you don’t know your life purpose or if you are living a life true to yourself?

You needn’t worry!

You are not broken or bent.

There is nothing “wrong” with you.

You are not designed to “fit in a box”.

You are likely just out of alignment with WHO YOU TRULY ARE, with old programming running in the background of who you believe you are or who others told you that you should be.

And that’s exactly why I am here – to bring these pieces of the puzzle together for you and for us jointly to place them exactly where they belong.

During our time together, through a combination of intuition and coaching, I will help pinpoint, explain and navigate you through the areas of your life that need attention, clarity and/ or guidance. Together we will explore and analyse some of the following:

– Your life purpose – the essence of who you really are and your full potential

– Your strengths and weaknesses

–  The way that you make decisions that are correct for you

– How you experience the world

…. and much more.

HD Chart is calculated by the date, time and location of your birth. I use Genetic Metrix to create mine and you can also create yours for free.

My HD reading sessions are conducted virtually via zoom.

The duration of the session is sixty (60) minutes.

Your sessions with me are way more than just informative. Through our connection you will be given direction, guidance and tools to experience life on another level, as a powerful, unique human being.

At the end of the session, you will be given the option to continue working with me as your coach and/or a healer if you choose to do so.



Learn More About What I Have To Offer

As a Quantum Human Design Specialist, I share my knowledge and this wonderful tool with my clients to help them understand their unique purpose on this planet, and how to  most authentically express who you are designed to be.

I create an individual Human Design Chart which represents an archetypal energy that you can live in an infinite number of ways. I teach you how to use your energy correct to your type and your design, to choose the path of highest possibilities, change old limiting believes and start living in alignment with your purpose.

I also offer Spiritual Wellness healing sessions.

To assist in speeding up the process of healing, as a Quantum Alignment System™ Specialist, I apply the knowledge of Quantum Human Design, integrated with the skill of Emotional Freedom Technique (Referred as Tapping) and other modalities and subtle body therapies.

With the gift of my intuitive nature, being highly trained to facilitate space holding, and coaching from the place of wisdom learned through my life lessons, I assist my clients in getting deep to the core existence of the issue, allowing vulnerable expression, releasing, and healing. I give guidance and coaching to support you in choosing the highest path and direction.

All my sessions are conducted virtually One on One via zoom.


Join The Community

I designed this FB Community Group Page “Spiritual and Wellness Coaching via Human Design” and I dedicate this space to all of you who want to learn about different ways of creating a better life for yourself and those around you.
To learn and experience the power of some amazing modalities I use in everyday living and working with people who are ready and willing to change their life towards the highest expression of who they truly are.
Changing the narrative of who we thought we are to the story of who we TRULY ARE, is the key to unlock the gate towards living a happy and fulfilling life.
Over the past seven years I have been going deep and learning about different modalities and practical tools which I am now, more than ever, ready to share with you.
As a highly trained space holding facilitator I offer free weekly “Open Your Heart And Be Heard” for everyone who wishes to join live private discussions.
I am a trained Cacao Ceremony Practitioner and mini Cacao Ceremony is a part of our weekly circle.
It is my honour to share this sacred space with you as your guide, mentor, and facilitator ❤️🙏


 Ljubica Popovic is a coach, guide, and a healer.

She works with people as a Human Design Chart Reader and Spiritual and Wellness Coach and Healer.

Ljubica fell in love with Human Design three years ago, during her profound inner healing journey. She has been practicing and teaching HD ever since. She is an accredited Quantum Human Design™ Specialist, Quantum Alignment System™ Practitioner, a highly trained Space Holding Facilitator, and a Cacao Ceremony Practitioner.

Ljubica is a deeply compassionate soul and in love with humanity. Her core mission is to bring people to the place of limitless possibilities, help them break through and release the old patterns of limiting beliefs and rewrite a new impowering story that represents the TRUTH of who they are here to be.

Ljubica is a 5/1 Orchestrator (Projector), Mother of three amazing Souls, forever in gratitude for her late Husband whose presence on the Earth influenced her spiritual awakening.  



We all need someone outside our family to confide in, be a sounding board or simply share a story with. Ljubica is that person for me, always deeply listening to the words and feelings, never judging or advising, purely and simply holding me in a safe and sacred space.
Having had the honour to know and work with Ljubica for the past few years, I’ve freely put my trust in her as an authentic, loving and caring person, whose heart is always focused on the highest interest of all those she serves. My very being is truly nourished attending her weekly Open Your Heart And Be Heard sessions, my non negotiation self-care sessions.
Ljubica guides with genuine and highly tuned intuition, with a knack for sensing what you need even if you don’t. I have found what she shares to be profound and accurate and delivered with honesty and compassion.
With gentle confidence and an ever-expanding knowledge of Human Design, Ljubica truly embodies the life she is guiding you to, urging you on to find your own answers deep within.
I always look forward to working with Ljubica, eager to listen to and be guided by her wisdom and am never disappointed.
Thank you Ljubica 🙏❤️

 -Lynn Mason, Life Guide

It took me very long to write this testimonial, because I searched
for the right words to describe the positive impact Ljubica had on my life.

Having the opportunity, through the weekly circles that Ljubica holds, to reflect on my past, especially early age, I discovered hidden places and the scars that past events engraved deeply in my life. I recognised the need for healing and releasing the trauma and that’s where Ljubica takes my hand and walks me through.

In Ljubica’s safe space, and in her subtle, kind way, she guides and encourages you to freely dive deep within, reaching for places to release and heal using her skills, knowledge, intuition and tools.

Working with Ljubica and being in her space for the past year, I feel empowered by realisation that I have all the answers within me. This changed me and the direction of my life inevitably.

With her guidance I am able to bring my own old believes and questions to the surface and with my own inner wisdom, find the answers that are correct for me.

For anyone who is feeling need for change and finding happiness, I recommend Ljubica and her work from the bottom of my heart.



Now is your time. I’d love to guide you on your journey.