Ljubica Popovic

Your Spiritual Wellness Coach

Guiding you to connect to your inner wisdom and place of personal power

For over fifty years I did not know who I really was…

My Mission

Leading as an example, my mission is to help as many people as possible to reach their limitless potential and power. To find their unique gifts, utilizing the energy of safe, supportive and intimate space. Guiding them on a path to recognize their own light within, so they may shine for many others.

My Vision

Guiding people to seek harmony within so as to create harmony on our planet, begins with each individual, through recognizing the need for change and deep inner work.

Hi, I’m Ljubica!


There is nothing that satisfies me more than watching and witnessing another human grow and transform. I feel honoured for being chosen as a part of their journey. Knowing that you can provide guidance, support, safe and loving environment and all the tools they need while doing deep inner work, gives me an immense feeling of achievement and fulfilment. 

I feel joy and I know that by guiding and supporting others, I grow as well. Together, we are changing the world.

What more can I ask from life but to be able to do what I am here to do, to share my gift and passion, and be who I am here to be?

You are never too old to discover who you are, to discover the light inside you.

I discovered mine after the age of fifty.

The light was there all these years, dimmed by life’s burdens, fears and struggles.

At the same time, these struggles, brought me to where I am, shaped me into who I am today.

These challenges are my greatest life lessons, like growing the muscles of my inner strength.

I feel huge gratitude for each of the many, many lessons I have learnt


Looking back from where I was, I see such a profound picture created from the miracles in my life.

I was born in a family of seven children and raised by parents who brought plenty of joy in my life, as well as “fear-based love”. There were a lot of feminine/ masculine imbalances.

The experiences of a very gentle, sensitive child that I was, related to the early years of my childhood, impacted the rest of my life.

I especially struggled in navigating my life through the years of my adolescent and early adulthood.

Relationship difficulties in many aspects of my living, seemed to follow me throughout life into my fifties.

Getting through the Bosnian war and migrating to find a new home in Australia presented another huge challenge.

I was escaping the war, but not the war within me.

I brought my old self in to the new country.

Learning a new language, new culture, starting a new life from scratch and the list goes on…

I really found it difficult dealing with alcohol addiction in the family, which for much of the time created financial struggles as well.

I was giving my best and beyond to raise my three beautiful children. Despite many challenges, we can all feel blessed and be proud of where we are now.

In 2013, everything was turned upside down


My husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Despite a number of surgeries and treatments, ups and downs, we were blessed to have some beautiful moments for another three years after his diagnoses.

A time of reflection, love and surrender to what was to come.

The most significant event in my life, was my husband’s passing in 2016. It changed everything in an extraordinary way.

I experienced a complete transformation; some call it a spiritual awakening and a sudden shift in consciousness.

All of a sudden, I could see the world through different lenses.

I started being recognized for the wisdom I shared with some, but on the other hand, I would feel so much pain, rejection and lack of understanding when others misinterpret the intention of my sharing.

I began feeling squashed and suppressed.

I felt deeply, if I was not able to share my gift, if I could not speak my truth or be who I really was (the new evolved version of me), I would be full of frustration and lose this newfound gift and freedom.

This passion and the energy simply could not be contained within me without sharing it with the world.

This was the beginning of a new chapter of my life


In a relatively short time, I gained so much knowledge and understanding about life from a spiritual perspective, through reading spiritual books and listening to podcasts and watching videos.

I learnt how to keep in a positive state. However, I felt the heaviness of something that was holding me back from progressing further in my life.

Early in 2020, I was invited to attend a seven-week program called Guided Open Pathway.

I was blessed and privileged to have the opportunity to also be trained and become a facilitator of the program.

With hindsight, participating in the first group of this program, jumping into the unknown and trusting my inner guidance, was the best thing I have ever done for myself.

Throughout this program I allowed myself to reach into the dark places of hidden childhood traumas, deeply buried and covered with the “dust of forgetting”.

I feel I approached this program with enormous courage and dedication to heal this inner child in me that was crying for help.

I experienced the power of being heard, seen and witnessed in my full vulnerability.

The power of feeling safe and held in love by other souls within the group.

The power of freedom after the release of trauma that held me back for decades.

By being able to express myself I found the creator in me.

I found that infinite intelligence lies within me, and I hold the key to access that place.

I developed a greater awareness of everything I think, chose, speak and do.

Through this program I found my direction and my purpose.



Guided Open Intensive

Seven-week intensive program and two one on one sessions that includes:

  • One on one session with me prior to the program 
  • Beginners Human Design Chart reading
  • 14 sessions (over seven weeks) of deep inner work
  • Weekly meetings with a listening partner from within the group 
  • Confidential space holding group, guidance and tools
  • Follow up one on one session with me
  • Ongoing support as needed

Weekly Live Sessions

  • Mondays – Sacred circle
  • Wednesdays – Heart Opening Discussion
  • Fridays – Meditation

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