Hi, my name is Ljubica,

I live in Australia, in a beautiful city of Brisbane surrounded by my three loving children.
This place became my home after migrating with my family as a refugee, post war in Bosnia.
I felt It was my destiny that was determining my path.
I was thirty-two when I arrived, with a young-looking appearance, however, on the inside, I felt old
and weary.
I didn’t have energy for the new challenges that I was facing, yet I felt I had no choice.
A new language, new culture, new people, new land, everything that meant freedom and safety, was
Pushing through with courage, faith and trust I was able to find my direction, forging a way forward.

I become a mother for the third time, giving birth to a little boy – a brother to our five-year old son
and three-year old daughter.
Unexpected and unplanned though, nevertheless, he brought such a blessing to our lives.
The reality of his arrival, and the needs of an expanded family, challenged us to make changes to
create the better future we wanted for us all.

As the time progressed life became hectic!!!

After completing a short Pharmacy course, I started working as a Pharmacy Assistant. My Husband also found a job as a shift worker. Children one by one began their schooling.

We felt life was going in the right direction. We bought our first ever car and soon after a house. We worked hard and we thought that’s the only way to give ourselves a holiday once a year, and a few precious visits back home, over the time of more than two decades, to see our family.

We were giving so much focus on our material needs, we didn’t know the importance of setting boundaries for a balance. The harder we worked creating security for our family, the more disconnected we became.
My constant burn out was impacting my mental and emotional state, creating unhappiness that
reflected on all areas of my life. My husband was finding comfort in calming his mind and body with
“few more” beers. Our relationship was hanging on a thread…

And then, everything suddenly changed.

In 2013 my husband was diagnosed with a terminal cancer. After a precious three years spent
together, reflecting and with a deeper connection, my dear love lost his battle.

The feeling of complete surrender, peace and overwhelming love at the time of his passing lasted for
some time. Something extraordinary took place.

This was the sign of the beginning of my new journey.
A sudden shift in consciousness and spiritual awakening brought about a complete transformation.
I could now understand life from a different perspective. My interest and focus changed and I
completely immersed myself in learning more about living as a spiritual being and the possibilities
for humanity.

Expressing a “renewed” version of me was very uncomfortable in the beginning.
Words of deep wisdom would often come out of me unanticipatedly. Even though profound, they
would commonly be unreceived by others, and it would leave me feeling rejected.
I did not know what to do.

Having this gift, knowing what I now knew, I could not go back where I
was before.

I was fully and freshly awakened but the pain and grief were surfacing up in certain
situations. I became aware of underlying unhealed traumas.

While my Soul was searching for the place to belong, I was invited to attend an inner healing
program called Guided Open Pathway. Through this program I was able to discover hidden
childhood hurts that on a conscious level was extremely hard to face. Those wounded places of
my past created false believes of who I am and repetitive patterns of behaviours throughout my life. In this lovingly created space I felt safe and was allowed to fully express myself and heal many of my

This was a blessing and another turning point in this phase of my life.

I experienced a profound healing, I also become a facilitator of the same program. I learned
invaluable skills of deep listening and space holding. I certified as a Cacao Practitioner and Cacao
became a part of my daily ritual.

The mind opening experience during the same program, which led me to where I am now, was an
introduction to Human Design System. I finally understood the “why?” about everything that
happened in the past. I was so amazed with the accuracy and the guidance this information
provided, that I was taking any opportunity to create and have a look at other people’s HD chart.

Recognizing HD as a great guidance for me as well as a tool to assist humanity, my direction became
clear. With the right timing, Quantum Human Design System™ found me. The language of
Quantum Human Design, spoken and written by Karen Curry Parker, was completely resonating with

I was also inspired by the idea, and I enrolled an extended course of QHD integrated with different
healing modalities and subtle body therapies, named Quantum Alignment System™. It provided
more means for more subtle, faster, and more effective healing.
As I continuously expand my knowledge by educating myself, I help and support others by sharing
my wisdom, guiding, teaching, and assisting in self-healing.
My greatest teacher is my life. As I learn, I teach. My personal growth is never-ending, so is
As life goes on continually bringing challenges, I now feel stronger and more resilient, taking every
situation as an opportunity to learn and grow.
I truly understand and embody my purpose on this Earth and passionately express it through my
work and everyday life.
This is my destiny that has forged my path.
I now pave my way forward consciously choosing to create from the highest expression of who I AM.

I hope my story inspires you who read this, to begin changing the narrative of your life and start
creating a new one that is a true expression of who you are designed to be.



My Vision & Mission

I Visualise

A world where humanity and the Earth radiate with peace, love, and compassion.

A place of possibilities, where faith and trust are inherent.

A world where we all belong and feel safe, where each human is recognized and can express their uniqueness.

A world of pure joy.

My Mission

To reflect and heal the past and support others to do the same.

To inspire strength and courage, to create a world of infinite possibilities.

To teach the power of inner wisdom and alignment with nature.