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Guiding you to rediscover the Spark of the Divine that You Are

The year 2020 was a year of an
enormous personal growth for me. February that year I was invited to participate in a self-development and deep inner work program (Guided
Open Pathway) which helped me reach another level of profound healing and I also became a Facilitator of the same program. During this time, I was
introduced to the Human Design System. I was amazed by its accuracy and simplicity. Human Design
brought a deep sense and understanding of my past, my life purpose and direction. I deeply felt I
could finally give myself permission to be ME.
This was only the beginning of my journey with Human Design.

I discovered more about my personality, my natural abilities, and gifts. This is exactly why I got so much drown to further study and learn about Human Design.

Having already developed a great skill as a facilitator, listener, guide, and space holder, I was searching for more tolls to assist my clients in their inner work with the fastest and the most effective way.

Following my inner guidance and knowing enough about Human Design System,
With Divine timing Quantum Human Design and Quantum Alignment System were brought to me.

I am now Level Two Certified Quantum Human Design Specialist and completing Level Two Quantum Human Design certification as a specialist.

As a QHD and QAS Specialist, I am feeling blessed that I can share with others such great tools of self-realisation.
I live my passion and fulfil my purpose helping people find the shortest and the easiest way out of
suffering. My gifts of deep connection, listening and intuitive nature offer healing for others and are
greatly rewarding for me.

I am grateful that I can share this incredible system with others.


Here’s what’s possible when you open to the truth of who you really are…

you will know that nothing is wrong with you (it isn’t!)

you’ll find the safety and confidence to be yourself

you’ll discover and clear what’s been blocking your ability to move forward with ease and flow

you’ll discover and clear what’s been blocking your ability to move forward with ease and flow

you’ll dissolve into Love and your Truth will shine


  • Relax into a life of ease and flow, and illuminate your abundant truth.
  • Watch your relationships become enriched, easy and less stressful.
  • Let go of Parent Guilt.
  • Switch from “fight or flight” to “fun and play.”
  • Learn how to ask for the support you need, to be held and loved.
  • Be the magnificent being you truly are.

My Approach

It is an honour as a fully trained and certified Guided Open Facilitator, to guide you open to your most potent, empowered and authentic self.

Ljubica - helping you transform your life

What you get:

One hour personal reading

Personal Guidance Through Your Healing Journey

Bonus Resources to Support You Every Step of the Way

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